Commercial Roofing in Salem

While it’s advisable to do careful due diligence when choosing a roofing contractor to roof a home, it becomes exponentially more important to choose the right contractor for commercial roofing in Salem. Due to the more complicated nature of a commercial roof, with HVAC units, complex ventilation and drainage systems, crickets, pipes, and electrical work, there are many more opportunities for a commercial roofing project to end in disaster. With our Salem roofers, rest assured, you are in good hands. We have installed millions of square feet of roof for some of Oregon’s largest companies, and they come back to us for future projects. We stay in budget, we are transparent about your options, and we communicate effectively.

Commercial roofing in Salem is about efficiency, while maintaining quality

Flat Commercial Roofing in SalemAt the end of the day, businesses exist to maximize their triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. That said, our roofing contractors take it as a personal mission to serve its customers best interests by doing a quality job, while installing high efficiency roofing products that are better for the planet and cost reduction.

For flat commercial roofing in Salem, our roofers generally opt to use IB Roof Systems white roofing membranes, because these reflect up to 90% of the sun’s rays as compared to the 6% of a traditional asphalt roof. This allows you to run your air conditioner less, which saves money on electrical bills, and it reduces the need for maintenance on these expensive HVAC units. Layers of insulation are installed underneath the membrane as needed, which helps keep the warm air in during the winter.


For sloped commercial roofing in Salem, our roofers have several preferred materials, depending on the aesthetic goals of the project. SteelROCK metal roofing tiles have a traditional stone tile look or a wood shake look, while offering the durability of galvanized steel. These roofs are a popular option for companies seeking an energy efficient roofing system with a classic and timeless look. Other companies prefer to use more traditional snap lock metal roofing panels from Bruce & Dana or Taylor Metal, both of which are local Salem roofing manufacturers. If your project calls for the ever-popular shingle roof, our roofers would be happy to install an industry-leading CertainTeed Landmark Solaris® PLATINUM shingle roof for you.

Commercial Roofing in Salem (Sloped Roof)


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