Should I Consider Impact Resistant Shingles?

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Impact resistant shingles are more common in other parts of the country, but do Salem roofers carry and recommend impact resistant shingles?

Impact resistant shingles are often sold in areas prone to hailstorms, and this makes sense. Oregon roofers often recommend impact resistant shingles to their customers despite the fact that many Salem roofs will likely not see damaging amounts of hail. Why is this? Great question!

Impact resistant shingles are also resistant to high winds, which Oregon definitely does experience at times. If your Salem roofers are using the proper fastening techniques, an impact resistant shingle can withstand winds up to 130 mph! Additionally, these advanced shingles offer better fire protection and help fend off shingle color staining caused by algae. These factors mean your roof is more durable and helps create a safer home for you and your family. That, in itself, is often enough incentive for homeowners to consider making the jump for impact resistant shingles.

There are also some other benefits. Insurance companies (especially in hail-prone areas) will often discount your premiums if your roof offers hail resistance. 46% of claims in 2011 were due to either wind or hail! Wind and hail damage make up a huge portion of insurance company payouts, so they are inclined to reward homeowners seeking to protect their homes from these common culprits with lower premiums. Repeated claims will increase your insurance premiums as well, so it is smart to protect your home and not rely on making insurance claims to fix damage caused by your home being under-protected.

Finally, let’s not forget the roofing warranties. Sturdier and more reliable roofing systems are generally given improved manufacturer warranties.

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