Flat Roofing in Salem

Our Salem roofers are highly experienced in installing flat roofing in Salem and surrounding areas. In fact, they have installed millions of square feet of cost-saving, high-efficiency single ply roofing material in the area, for both commercial and residential customers. Installing a flat roof is an advanced process, and it takes years of expertise to get it right. Precise measurements and calculations must be made to ensure the weight of the roofing material won’t cause a roof collapse. Our Salem flat roofers are experienced and attentive enough to make sure your roof deck can handle the weight of the chosen material. Additionally, you want to work with a roofing contractor who has the foresight to detect potential problem areas on your roof and put in place protections to prevent damage.

Signs you need a new flat roof or roof repairs

Flat roofs require more inspection than sloped roofs, because they don’t allow moisture to run off as easily. If you notice draining issues, pooling water, leaks, or holes/gaps in the roofing material, call our Salem flat roofers immediately for a free roofing estimate. If the damage is caught early enough, it can generally be repaired fairly quickly and easily.

Benefits of flat roofing

Salem Flat RoofingIf your home or business has a flat roof, consider yourself lucky. Flat roofs allow roofing companies to install some of the most energy efficient roofing materials on the market, and these often carry the best roofing warranties. It is recommended to inspect your flat roof on occasion, but this is easy to do, because there is no slope and the risk of falling is lower. Our preferred flat roofing materials generally come with a lifetime limited warranty for residential customers, and a long warranty for commercial customers. They are highly efficient, meaning they’ve been known to save customers up to 15% per month on heating and cooling costs, and they’re eligible for a $500 tax credit if you haven’t redeemed yours already. If damage is spotted on a flat roof, it is often more pinpointed, and therefore easier and less costly to repair. Flat roofs can easily last more than 30 years, which is up to 50% longer than various other flat roofing options.

If you’re looking for expert Salem flat roofers, look no further. We would love to put the experience our roofers have gained while installing millions of square feet of flat roofing materials. Get in touch for a no-hassle, free flat roofing estimate today.

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