Metal Tile Roofing in Salem

Metal tile roofing in Salem is rapidly gaining in popularity, because it gives homeowners the classic, timeless look of either wood shake roofing or tile roofing with the durability and lighter weight qualities of galvanized steel. Being in such a moist climate, Salem roofers often face the challenge of preventing moss, algae, and mold damage on roofs, but metal tile roofing naturally helps prevent these issues from arising. Additionally, metal tile roofing is Energy Star compliant, meaning it is eligible for a $500 tax credit, while at the same time saving home and business owners up to 15% per month on heating and cooling bills. One of the other factors that home and business owners like about metal tile roofing in Salem is that it comes in a wide variety of different color and style options. Metal tile roofing stands up to the weather conditions of the Willamette Valley very well, and our Salem roofers highly recommend using SteelROCK roofing products when possible.

Don’t sacrifice looks for function

Metal tile roofing in Salem is a fairly new trend, but it is catching on quickly, because you no longer have to choose between form and function. You can have a nice looking roof, with the same look and feel of a wood shake or stone tile roof, without the functional trade offs you might face when picking one of those options. Wood shake roofs can require a lot of maintenance, which isn’t to say the roofs are bad, they just require a little extra attention. Metal tile roofs last much longer than wood shake roofs, and are resistant to many of the factors that can damage a shake roof.

Traditional stone tile roofs are often costly to install and can require extra decking reinforcement in order to prevent a roof collapse. Fortunately, you can now achieve the same look of a stone tile roof with a much more feasible galvanized steel tile roof. The metal tiles are much lighter weight, and don’t require additional decking reinforcement to install. They are recyclable, reflective, energy efficient, and long-lasting. We would recommend a stone-coated metal roofing tile over a traditional stone tile any day of the week.

Lifetime, fully-transferable, limited warranty from top Salem roofers

Our Salem roofers were among the first contractors in the country to start installing SteelROCK products, and as such, they are able to offer their customers an incredible warranty. Residential customers are eligible for fully-transferable, limited lifetime warranties, which can add to the value of your home, along with your sense of security, knowing you’ll be financially protected in the event of something going wrong with your roof. Be sure to ask your Salem roofers how you can be protected by a lifetime warranty with your purchase of a new metal tile roof in Salem.

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