Should I Get a Roofing Warranty?

Manufacturer-backed Salem roofers can offer the best warranties in the industry, and these can save home and business owners thousands of dollars.

We won’t jerk your chain, many warranties out there do not exist to benefit the customer. That’s even the case for some roofing warranties. In our experience, manufacturers reward contractors who take the time to continue their trade education and become certified installers of their products, meaning they are allowed to provide their customers with the best roofing warranties available. Several of the high efficiency roofing options the best Salem roofers install can come with lifetime limited warranties, and some might even be transferable, which can add to the resale value of your home.

The three major things you need to look at when evaluating a roofing warranty are:

  1. Does the warranty cover labor, materials, or both?
  2. How long is the term of the warranty and how long is the average lifespan of your type of roof?
  3. Is the warranty transferable upon the sale of your home, or passing your home down to a relative?

We feel that many smaller ticket items that warranties are pushed on consumers for, such as TVs, printers, and computers, can often be poor investments. They are less expensive, less important for the protection of your other assets, and they aren’t intended to last as long. Your roof protects your home, which shields your possessions and your family. Your roof is a large investment, and it should last you more than 20 years, or longer with certain materials. We have seen instances where a roofing warranty has saved customers tens of thousands of dollars, meaning the warranty paid for itself and then some.

While it is our opinion that roofing warranties are a good investment for many home and business owners, our Salem roofers never force the issue, they just make suggestions. If you want to learn more about specific warranty options for your roofing job, ask your roofing contractor and they will walk you through your different choices.

When you work with us, you work with top-notch Salem roofers, and you will have access to the best warranties in the business.

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