Your roof is a long-term investment, and it protects your most valuable assets: your home and your family. With that said, purchasing or repairing a roof is a decision that should not be taken lightly. We encourage all customers to get multiple quotes, call references, and do research on each roofing contractor that bids on your home or workplace. Please feel free to look through the reviews that our verified customers have left online through platforms like Yelp, and Google+ for Business as well as those we have included below. If you’d like to speak to prior customers or our suppliers who have certified us, please give us a call at (503) 585-2338 and we can put you in touch with as many references as you would like to speak with.

I wanted to include a note with our payment.  We’re torn apart inside as the interior water damage was behind a long section of cabinets and above mantle.  Our insurance field adjuster from Bellingham, WA was inspecting inside and said before he left he wanted to check the new flashing on the chimney.  He had said ‘good-bye’ but returned to my door to say the repair was one of the best he’d seen and if it were his chimney it was exactly how he’d want it!

So—again, thank you for coming to our rescue and for the excellent repair job!! Where we have some restoration now indoors it could have been so-o-o much worse.  Above our mantle where it met the ceiling some mold had already begun to grow.  He said it can take only 72 hours with the right conditions!

We’ll need to have you out once all dries up, and I’m sure might slow down a bit for you and see about the rest of our roof.

Thank you again.

– Diane T., Monmouth, OR


Great job – neat, clean, professional and friendly crew. Roofing material and skylights installed with care and look very good.

– Jim Fairchild


We recently had to get a new roof after finding black mold in a 25 ft. section of our attic that had no ventilation. It was so bad, they had to take all of the old decking off and put down new plywood before the roofing materials were put on. They took off all the decking, not just where it was rotted through. This gave the whole roof new life.

They also saved us quite a bit of money by having the mold mitigation people do their job when that part of the roof was off.

They solved the poor ventilation by installing a ventilation system on the ridge line and ventilation lines going from the bottom edge of the roof to the top. The roofing material looks wonderful. They also put special flashing around all pipes, the chimney and where the garage meets the house.

To us, it showed great attention to detail. They came when they said they would and cleaned up as they went along.

All workers for Slate and Slate Roofing are certified to work for this company. This means they ALL have to have the same training.

We were pleased with the whole process.

– Kathy H. (Salem, OR)

Slate & Slate did the roof on our church building and then later the one on our office building. They did great work and offered good solutions to some of our unique roof lines and our flat roof. I appreciated their willingness to explain the pros and cons of various options.

We were very pleased with their work and have not had any issues. Though I enjoy having the peace of mind of their warranty if it was ever needed.

They gave great attention to detail and made sure the job was done right. For example around a chimney on our office building they added reinforcement under the plywood where we never had it and really should have. Their crews worked hard and were always respectful of the area.

Whether for commercial or residential roofing I would recommend these guys!

– Mark S. (Aumsville, OR)

Slate & Slate showed up on time, did an excellent job! What impressed me the most was their clean up. They not only cleaned all the roofing stuff from around the house but where ever the wind blew the plastic wrappings! Fantastic job guys!!

– Mary B. (Lebanon, OR)


Terry, you were right – I’m smiling! Roof looks BEAUTIFUL. Your guys were great. Very professional, and clearly take great pride in their work.

– Shawn