How to Build Better Security into Your New Home

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A locked door should always be the first step in home security, but it can’t protect you against every threat. Today, newer technologies are making our homes smarter, and more prepared for things that are thrown their way. Use these security tips and build them into your blueprints for a much better protected home.

Smart Locks

Automated locks are relatively new to home security systems, most patio door glass replacement jobs included this new feature. An electronic deadbolt replaces a traditional lock and key service for homes. You can choose a secure password and change the password periodically. According to C & D Locksmith experts, this method is safer than handing out several spare keys and you can revoke a person’s access to your home without changing the locks. If you can’t open the door, you can still easily call a locksmith to come help you. They also usually come with an alarm system that can keep you alerted to unwanted visitors.

Smart Doorbells

A smart doorbell can be a two-way communication device. Your phone will ring when someone rings your doorbell. A camera will show you the person standing outside, and you can have a conversation with the person even if you are several miles away from your home. These devices don’t even have to be built in, as long as you install them correctly, you can use them on any door you choose.

Smart Garage Doors

Smart garage door openers allow you to open and close your garage from very remote locations. You can make sure your garage is properly secured and you can give someone access to your home through your when you are thousands of miles away. Smart Garage Doors are great options if you are away on travel a lot, or if you have a big family that comes and goes often.

Security Gates

A gate will deter some intruders and keep your belonging safe and more protected. You should check if your city has height restrictions so you should make sure your gate complies with your city’s regulations. For additional protection, you can plant rose bushes around the gate’s perimeter as thorny bushes will often deter a potential intruder.

Secure Roofs

Rooftop entry is a problem in some affluent neighborhoods. Many homes do not have motion sensors on the second floor and if alarms or sensors are not installed, the intruder will have access to valuables kept upstairs. Criminals can remove vents and skylights. They can also cut holes in the roof or awning in the front of your home. You should secure all your skylights with one-way screws and your upstairs windows should have anti-break window film. Consider the new window installation Cleveland if necessary. Metal roofing is also an option that will keep your roof durable, as well as deter potential thieves.

Interior home security is a necessity, but you should also focus on exterior crime prevention. Your alarm should detect a criminal before he has a chance to enter your home. Crime can happen in any neighborhood, and a security system is never a frivolous purchase. Your home should have several layers of protection, and a home security system is your best line of defense.

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