Can Eco-Friendly Roofing Save Money in the Summer Too?

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Eco-friendly roofing in Salem can save home and business owners hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year. The cost-savings are year round.

A lot of our customers understand how an eco-friendly roof can save them money on their heating bills in the winter, but some ask about the summer savings eco-friendly Salem roofing contractors can provide them. In this post, we’ll talk about how a properly installed eco-friendly roof can save your family or business money during the warmer months.

We’ll start with the obvious: a good roof is a good investment. For the most part, the more eco-friendly roofing materials we install (SteelROCK metal roofing, IB PVC flat roofing, and Bruce & Dana metal roofing products) offer the best warranties, and longer lifespans than the vast majority of other roofing materials we have seen in our approximately 25 years as a top Salem roofing company. Installing a good roof once is almost always cheaper than installing a shoddy roof two, or even three times.

In addition to the more obvious savings, it’s important to consider that an eco-friendly roof often carries better ventilation and insulation. These two things can help you keep the cooler air in your home and move the hotter air out. Having a roofing system that helps with this process rather than relying on cranking the air conditioner means you will save money on cooling costs for your home. Having AC maintenance plans, can also save you money because they can make sure your A/C is running right. Properly installed roofing ventilation can actually help prolong the life of your roof as well.

As always, the option that looks cheapest might not be the best. Consider the span of time you need your roof to last for, and calculate the cost savings over time, and you will often find that your roof is worth investing in. Seeing as the roof over your home is what protects your family and all of your possessions, it is a good idea to do your research and get something that will do a good job at protecting the things most important to you.

As a bonus, consider the reflectivity of the color of roof you’re considering. Higher reflectivity will help save you money and protect the environment. Read more about roof reflectivity by color here.

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