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Roofs last a long time. That being said, many homeowners may only need to replace one or two roofs in their lifetime. Here is how hiring a roofing company in Salem, Oregon works.

Seeing as roofs have fairly long lifespans, it is quite possible a homeowner may only need to replace one or two roofs in their entire lifetime. That being said, the process of having a roof installed isn’t familiar to some, so we want to shine a light on things to help homeowners understand what they can expect if they are hoping to (or need to) hire a Salem roofing company.

The first step involves contacting multiple roofing contractors. We have mentioned this before, but it is always important to get multiple bids. Do your research and eliminate Salem roofing contractors with poor reviews, no license, no insurance, and/or no bonding. When you have a list of 3-5 contractors, give them all a call to schedule free roofing estimates. The company will inspect your home and give you their price along with the work they expect to do. Be sure to discuss warranty options. Remember, the price is not everything. There is more to consider, like the quality of the material being used in the replacement, the reputation of the contractor, and a portfolio of the contractor’s prior work. Once you move forward at an agreed price point, your job will be scheduled.

Think of your scheduled date as a “target” date. Salem roofing companies are at the mercy of the weather more than most, so if there has been a lot of rain, your project might get pushed back. On the flip side, if the weather has been better than expected, your project might be moved up earlier. When the crew gets to your house and begins work, they will start tearing off your old roofing material. During the tear-off process, your contractor may note unforeseen damage to your decking. With roofing material covering your plywood decking, it can be impossible to tell the extensiveness of decking damage. This can amount to an additional cost, but this should be discussed with you before more costly work begins to replace the decking.

After the decking is inspected, and replaced if necessary, the re-roofing process begins. After the job is complete, the contractor and homeowner give the roof one final inspection, and if you opted into a warranty, you should have the peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about roofing issues for a long time.

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