Getting the Most Out of a Claim

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Below are tips for making the most of your insurance policy’s coverage of your roof.

When something unexpected happens to your home or your health, one of the first things to do is consider filing an insurance claim. Slate & Slate Roofing has helped many home and business owners with roof-related claims, and have seen from experience what works best when working with insurance policies and adjusters.

  1. Actually read your policy! When that thick stack of papers comes in the mail, most people take a brief glance, check that the price is what was quoted, and shove it in a drawer somewhere. In fact, many people will only read about insurance coverages when something goes wrong. As dull as it may be to spend a little time reading through the policy, it’s the best way to understand who and what is covered. That way, you’ll be prepared for how to react and what the insurance company will need you to do if something does go wrong.
  2. Notify them right away. If the loss appears to be over the threshold of your deductible, notify your insurance company or agent as soon as possible. They have resources and contacts, and their entire job is to help you navigate the claim process and put your business, home, and life back together as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  3. Keep up with maintenance. While insurance companies are designed to help relieve the financial burden of large, catastrophic losses, they do not intend to be a back-up maintenance fund. If you have not been taking care of your residential or commercial roof, and damage is caused or made worse by your negligence, this may affect your coverage.
  4. Don’t assume a claim denial is final. While not every single claim will be covered, in some situations, the claims adjusters need more detail to be able to find coverage in your policy for a loss. For example, say that you found mold or fungus growing in your home or business, or turned in a claim for asbestos removal and clean-up. Under many policies, this claim would be denied, as mold and fungus growth are commonly excluded from coverage. However, if the cause of the mold growth turns out to be a covered cause of loss, such as a damaged and leaking roof, you may find that the insurance company is able to take care of that bill for you after all.

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Written by
Jillian Anderson Slate
Jillian is an insurance professional, working in commercial lines, with experience reviewing property conditions through that perspective.