Help! My Roof is Leaking!

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If your roof is leaking, get a bucket underneath the leak and call a Salem roofer immediately! Call us at (503) 585-2338 for an estimate.

It’s officially autumn in Oregon, which means one thing– rain. Lots of rain. If your roof springs a leak, call a top Salem roofer as quickly as possible, but first be sure to protect your home with these helpful tips:

  • First, put a bucket (or improvise with pots and pans if you don’t have a bucket) under the leak to collect water and prevent more water damage from occurring. Be sure to empty the bucket at night before bed and in the morning before you leave for work.
  • Find the spot in your ceiling where the water is coming through. This seems like the opposite of what you’d want to do, but take a screw driver and puncture a hole through your ceiling in this spot. This will allow the water to drain into your bucket, and will help control the spread of the water damage. Pooling water can lead to a full ceiling collapse, and that would be expensive and hazardous!
  • If you want a longer-term, but still temporary fix, get on your roof and find the problem area. If there’s a damaged piece of roofing material (metal sheet, shingle, or membrane sheet), see if you have excess material from when you initially put this roof on, and attempt to patch the damaged material. If the leak is in an area with a vent, skylight, or gutter, try caulking any areas water could be entering your home through.

The longer you wait once your roof starts leaking, the higher the chances of mold growth, ceiling collapse, and wider spread roof damage. All of these things can be quite costly and hazardous to your health, so don’t delay. Call a Salem roofing company as soon as possible once you find your leak and get buckets in place.

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Terry Slate
Terry is the Vice President of Slate & Slate Roofing and has over 28 years of experience with both residential and commercial roofing. He specializes in metal roofing, composition roofing, and PVC membrane roofing.