How to Prevent Algae Growth and Roof Issues

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Salem roofing contractors see a lot of algae. This is largely due to the moisture and tree cover that is widespread in Oregon.

Algae growth can cause problems for roofers in Salem, Oregon and surrounding areas. Algae growth is very difficult to entirely prevent in Oregon, as the heavy moisture is unavoidable. While algae can slowly break down roofing shingles, the primary incentive to prevent or remove roof algae is to add to the curb appeal of your home. Algae can also reduce the reflectiveness of a roof, which will increase energy costs in heating and cooling your home. Algae presents itself in black streaking across your roof, which is often mistaken for dirt or other grime. The most common places you’ll find algae on your roof are: under trees, around leaves and other debris piled up on your roof, in other shade, and further away from vents and metal roofing flashings. The metal from your vents and flashings actually deters algae growth, which is why there is little to no algae commonly found in those surrounding areas. Now that you understand what algae can do to your roof and the problems it can cause, let’s dive into how to prevent algae growth and consequent roof issues.

  • When re-roofing or seeking roof repair in Salem, you should ask about algae resistant roofing shingles. This will help stifle the black streaking and algae growth.
  • Clean your roof regularly, and don’t allow debris to pile up.
  • Trim tree branches that are touching your roof or are really close to it.
  • Use a mixture of bleach, trisodium phosphate, and water to kill the algae and clear up some of the black streaks if your roof already has algae on it.

Algae isn’t too tough to take care of; you just need to be proactive about your roof maintenance. Stay tuned for more free roofing tips and tricks on our blog. As always, if you need a professional roofing contractor in Salem, Oregon to give you an estimate, give us a call at (503) 585-2338.

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Terry Slate
Terry is the Vice President of Slate & Slate Roofing and has over 28 years of experience with both residential and commercial roofing. He specializes in metal roofing, composition roofing, and PVC membrane roofing.