Do I Need Ice and Water Shield on My Roof in Salem?

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Any Salem roofing contractor worth their salt will include ice and water shield on your roofing estimate. It can protect your roof from moisture threats and save you thousands of dollars.

Homeowners hate seeing more items listed on their free roofing estimates, but some of them are completely necessary. Ice and water shield is one of those line items that experienced roofing companies in Salem consider to be a necessity. Oregon often has a great deal of precipitation, and during the winter, it does get cold enough to freeze for several weeks (if not months) each year. With this in mind, you want your home to be protected from moisture damage caused by wind and ice dams. Ice and water shield was invented in the 1980s and has seen steady adoption since, becoming required by code in many parts of Oregon in the 2000s. If your local roofing company doesn’t quote you for ice and water shield- look for another contractor. Unfortunately, many Salem roofers try to cut corners (and costs) by either skipping ice and water shield insulation or offering it as an optional service at a higher price that can be declined. Watch out for these tactics, because they might save you money in the short-term, but they will cost you much more in the long term. Learn more about how to hire the best roofing company for the job.

What is ice and water shield?

Ice and water shield is another form of roofing underlayment that looks similar to felt, but offers extra protections from colder weather conditions, because of its unique blend of rubberized asphalt materials. The bottom side of ice and water shield is incredibly sticky, which makes it adhere closely to the roof. This helps contractors ensure that more leak-prone areas stay watertight, even during the worst of conditions. It also comes with a ripcord split release, which allows contractors to easily install the ice and water shield in the areas that are more likely to see leaks, such as valleys, roof edges, chimneys, roof to wall transitions, and skylights. On top of all of this, ice and water shield typically outlasts the roof itself, with a lifespan of 35+ years, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it before it’s time for a roof replacement. For more information on what ice and water shield is, Ask the Builder made a very helpful YouTube video, which we recommend you watch.

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