Should We Install a New Roof in the Winter?

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Hiring a Salem roofing company to replace your roof in the winter might seem like a bad idea, but it absolutely can be done.

Intuitively, installing a new roof in the winter sounds like a bad idea. With added risk of falling due to ice on the roof, extra moisture, and lower temperatures affecting the material, is it wise to hire Salem roofers to re-roof your home or business in the winter? In this post, we will break it down for you.

Nail guns, air compressors, and other pneumatic tools can be affected by low temperatures. This can create problems with under-driven nails and/or staples. Additionally, it can be very uncomfortable working on a cold roof, and employee morale is important in the roofing industry. Finally, many roofing materials (such as asphalt shingles) lose their flexibility in cold temperatures. This means they can become more brittle, which can cause problems when it comes to fastening the materials to the roof. Increased PSI to accommodate for under-performing pneumatic tools (nail guns, staple guns, etc.) mixed with more brittle materials can cause issues. It is sometimes wise for roofers to hand-fasten materials in cold weather, but that can take more time. Ultimately, it helps a great deal if your Salem roofers are experienced in working in colder conditions. A newer crew might struggle with the weather’s effect on the materials.

To answer the question, it depends on the day! If you have an urgent roofing need, have a Salem roofing contractor come inspect your roof and determine whether or not the working conditions are right. If they are acceptable, a crew might be able to get right to work, otherwise, there are temporary patch options while you wait for a better day for the work to be done.

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Terry Slate
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