How to Notice a Failing Roof

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If you notice these signs of roof failure, call a Salem roofing contractor right away.

Though a properly installed roof should last for many years, a roof can fail at any time. It could be due to age, weather, weight, poor installation, or any number of other factors. Replacing a roof can get expensive; catching the signs of a failing roof early may allow you to repair instead of replace, or will at least give you time to get your funding in order to have a Salem roofing contractor complete the replacement. As you cannot always see damage to the roof material itself, the below are some other, easy-to-detect signs that may indicate that your roof is no longer up to par.

One dead give-away of a failing roof is the appearance of sagging. Typically, a sagging roof will dip in the center, and this issue is most often caused by excessive weight. If you believe your roof is sagging, please call a Salem roofing contractor to take a look right away, as that is a problem you will want to resolve as soon as possible.

Another, more subtle clue is damage to fascia. A failing roof will affect the exterior of your home, and you will see buckling vinyl, cracks in bricks, and other damage to your siding materials. These are signs that your roof is either failing or was not properly installed, and you should contact a roofing professional for assistance.

Often, when someone notices water leaks, they hire a plumber, thinking a pipe may have burst. However, water leaks may also be a sign of a failing roof. If water appears to be leaking downward from the ceiling, that is a sign you may need to call in a roofing professional to evaluate the serviceability of your roof. It is also important to call a company like the asbestos testing montreal since, if humidity gets into sensitive areas with old material, really awful stuff may fester and cause health problems.

An additional way to know if your roof is failing is checking the angles in your house. If your windows and doors aren’t quite as square as they were when they were installed, or don’t open and shut properly, this could be a sign that your roof is failing.

If the above (or any other) signs lead you to believe that your roof is on its last legs, contact Slate & Slate Roofing, your local Salem roofing experts. We can help you determine what the issues are and give you an estimate for any necessary repair or replacement.

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