What Upgrades Should Be a Priority in Your Home

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Home upgrades can make your life a lot easier. Some home upgrades add value to your home while others work to save you money, wasted energy, or even spoiled food. That being said, it’s easier to come up with a wish list of upgrades you would like to have done, than it is to actually find the finances to facilitate them. Since it makes sense to be strategic in choosing your home upgrades, here are a few you should make a priority in any home.


Kitchen cabinets tend to be an expensive item. Sometimes, when people are building a home, they choose the less expensive stock cabinets with the intention of upgrading or adding custom-built ones later on. This is one item that makes sense to buy what you will want in the long run right away. Don’t let yourself get complacent with stock cabinets and be sure to talk to a customer designer to create a kitchen you’ll actually want to use every day.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Some people think it makes sense to wait to get the new refrigerator or dishwasher that saves on water instead of  calling an appliance repair man. But you need to remember that for every day you wait, you’re losing money in energy, water, and wasted food. Newer refrigerators keep food fresher for longer, which means you won’t need to throw as much out. You also need to remember that you will notice a decrease in your utility bills in the first months of having the newer appliances.

Home Automation System

Smart home systems also provide value in saving energy. They can turn your lights off, appliances, and HVAC system like the r-458a, saving you money in energy costs. They can also make your life easier because everything can be controlled from one central device. Newer automation systems also have more security value, making your valuable and home safer from intrusion or theft.

New Roofing

Some simple upgrades to your roof can save you a lot in energy costs. If you’re looking to save on cooling costs, doing something as simple switching to a white roofing material can save you in warm or sunny areas. Black asphalt traps heat from the sun, causing cooling bills to rise on warm days. Another upgrade that will help with your energy bills is adding extra insulation. This will keep your house cooler on hot days and warmer on cold days. It might not seem like the most exciting upgrade, but you’ll be excited about how much you save on your energy bills. Talk to a professional to see if other materials like metal would work for your weather and climate.

It’s not always the easiest to narrow down all the improvements that you would like to make. But it makes sense to choose the ones that will let you reap a return on your investment, both today, and later down the road.

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Terry Slate
Terry is the Vice President of Slate & Slate Roofing and has over 28 years of experience with both residential and commercial roofing. He specializes in metal roofing, composition roofing, and PVC membrane roofing.