5 Tips for Staying Safe On the Roof

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Most home projects are relatively safe to complete, regardless if you hire someone or do them yourself. On the contrary, working on a roofing project can be especially dangerous and poses potential risks. If you plan on working on a roof anytime soon, remember these five tips as they will help keep you safe.

Working in the Right Conditions

Before actually working on a roof, first decide if you should even start. Pay attention to the weather as it might affect your working conditions for the day. Wet or icy roofs are extremely dangerous to work on and should be avoided. Also, any leaves, dirt, and debris should be removed before beginning the job.

Dress For Success

The proper equipment is necessary to ensure you avoid injury. Begin by ensuring the proper non-slip shoes are worn. These shoes become even a necessity to help get better traction when the roof angle is steep, which puts you in danger to fall. Hardhats will protect you from falling pieces of debris as you work on the project. If possible, wear a safety harness that should be worn for very high or steep roofs.

Complete Ladder Safety

Overlooking ladder safety poses a significant risk for you to fall. To begin with, ensure your ladder is positioned in a way that is secure and prevents it from wobbling back and forth. Make sure the ladder is fastened tightly to the roof. Another crew member can also hold the ladder as you begin to climb. Always use proper hand position and never attempt to carry more supplies than you can handle. You want to avoid the unnecessary risks that lead to potential injury. The loss of compensation, time and missed experiences has a value that can only be partially restored through personal injury compensation, so make sure you are working safely and taking every precaution to stay safe.

Work smarter in the following ways:

Get a Team- Working on a roof requires handling and moving items, such as ladders, power tools, and other debris. It is never wise to attempt a roofing project on your own. Make sure you have the proper equipment such as a safety harness. It will keep your safe.

Take Breaks- The roof can become scorching hot in the summertime. You put yourself in danger of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Take plenty of breaks and drink lots of water.

Hire a Professional

If you have no clue how to work on a roof, hire a professional. It is not worth risking your life to save a few dollars. Also, you might end up spending more money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Professional contractors often have years of experience and are trained to come home safely to their own homes every day.

The next time you work on a roof remember these safety tips. Always keep yourself protected and be smart when you are working on a dangerous job.

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Terry Slate
Terry is the Vice President of Slate & Slate Roofing and has over 28 years of experience with both residential and commercial roofing. He specializes in metal roofing, composition roofing, and PVC membrane roofing.