Answers to the 7 Most Common Roofing Questions

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Roofing is a complicated industry, there’s no getting around that. There’s a lot of roofing jargon, different material options, and installation techniques out there, and homeowners can quickly find themselves in over their heads when they start doing their research. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some of our top Salem roofing contractors to answer the 7 most common roofing questions homeowners ask us.

  1. Does my roof need to be fully replaced, or should I repair it?
    This topic was big enough to warrant a blog post of its own, but we will summarize the points here. If the roof damage, or leaking, is minor, you can probably get away with roof repairs if your roof is less than 15-20 years old. If a storm recently hit, and you can visually see some minor damage on your roof, you might be able to get away with repairs. If you haven’t had to make too many other repairs to your roof yet, you can probably patch your roof. If you’ve already made a lot of repairs, if your roof is old, or if there’s extensive leaking or other water damage, you should probably consider a full roof replacement.
  2. How can I pay for my roof?
    Roofing can be expensive, and many homeowners don’t have tens of thousands of dollars sitting around to replace their roof with. In these cases, there are several options: you can pay with credit card, work out a home equity loan with your bank, take out a small personal loan, or seek financing through your Salem roofing company.
  3. Can I install another layer of roofing over my current roof?
    You can install another layer of roofing over one existing layer, but you will pay more in home insurance, and we don’t recommend it. There are short-term cost savings involved (usually under $1,000), but in the long-term, a layered roof will probably cost you more money than the savings could justify. If you don’t tear off your roof, you have no way to inspect for damage to the decking of the roof, and you might not be able to fix the issue that led you to having to re-roof your house to begin with. Additionally, it adds weight to your decking, which might need to be reinforced in older houses. We recommend tearing off your old roof, being thorough, and doing things the “right” way.
  4. Can I replace or repair my own roof, or do I need to hire a professional Salem roofing company?
    Savvy homeowners are often able to make their own roofing repairs, or in some cases, even replace their roofs. That being said, a roofing contractor has expensive equipment, safety gear, trained and certified roofing experts, licensing, knowledge of code, insurance, and bonding to ensure your project goes off without a hitch. If you roof your own home and make mistakes, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in damages. In most cases, it’s safest to hire a professional Salem roofing company to take care of your roofing needs.
  5. How much does a roof cost?
    There is a lot of variation in roofing costs, so this is a tough question to answer. By this, we mean we’ve seen roofs as cheap as a few thousand dollars to roofs in excess of one million dollars (for large commercial projects). Most composition roofs fall comfortably between $7,500 and $14,000, depending on many factors (roof slope, decking damage, and shingle type, to name a few).
  6. How long will my roof last?
    A composition roof is likely to last 18-25 years in the Salem area. Metal roofing and single-ply flat roofing systems last longer (30-50 years), but they also tend to cost more. Single-ply roofs can only be installed on flat roofs and low-slope roofs, as well.
  7. How do I take care of my roof, so it lasts longer?
    Clean your roof, but don’t use a pressure washer (it damages and removes protective granules from your shingles). Keep your gutters clear. Have your roof professionally inspected at least every three years. Finally, be proactive about repairs.

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