What Near-Record Setting Rain Means for Salem Homeowners

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As the Statesman Journal recently published, Salem just experienced a top 10 wettest April with over 4.42 inches of rain throughout the month. The whole year has been off to a remarkably rainy start in the Willamette Valley area, with Detroit Lake even reaching its highest water levels since 2009. As a Salem roofing company, our day-to-day operations are heavily impacted by the weather. Precipitation makes it much more difficult to stay on schedule and complete roof replacements, as you don’t want to tear off a roof while it’s pouring rain. As homeowners, the extra rain means we need to be exceptionally proactive with our waterproofing maintenance and inspections. After a heavy rain, it’s important to either perform a visual roof inspection on your own or hire reputable Salem roofers to inspect your roof for any potential damages that may have been caused. Learn how to perform a post-storm roof inspection in another one of our articles.

Why should I inspect my roof after heavy rainfall?

There are many reasons you should inspect your roof after a heavy rainfall. Being proactive and finding potential damage causes early will result in less expensive roof repairs in addition to protecting your valuables in case a much larger leak is forming (also ask plumbing experts for the detailed information). One of the things that many homeowners don’t think of until it’s too late is that if their roof is experiencing problems, there is a high probability that other homeowners are experiencing similar issues. In Oregon, many roofing companies are inundated with estimate requests in early Spring, which means that it can be harder to find your place on a contractor’s schedule if you put off contacting a contractor. Often times a contractor will be able to perform quick repairs while you wait for your replacement job’s turn on the calendar, but this can be more costly. There are several roof repairs that many homeowners feel comfortable making for themselves, but those should also be completed as quickly as possible. To make a long story short, if you take a few minutes to look over your roof after a storm, you could save thousands of dollars and some hassle. In that context, it seems worth it, doesn’t it?

I think my roof may be damaged, what should I do?

We have written full guides on how to hire a Salem roofing company, which we recommend looking over. However, your first step should be triaging your roofing issue. If you’ve got leaks that are causing damage, call a contractor that does same-day, emergency roof repairs as quickly as possible. Be sure to ensure the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured in addition to having a solid Better Business Bureau rating and good customer reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Get a few different estimates for a roof replacement if the contractor repairing your roof recommends replacement, and carefully choose your contractor. From there, it’s in the contractor’s hands to book your job as quickly as possible and take care of your home. The control you have in the process is in being proactive and doing your research. Ensure you inspect your roof frequently enough that by the time you contact a contractor, you don’t have an emergency on your hands.

If Salem’s recent rain spell has caused your roof to leak or given you other roofing concerns, contact a highly trusted and reputable Salem roofing company today for an estimate. We would be happy to give you an estimate for your roofing issues. Give us a call at (503) 585-2338, or use our convenient estimate request form on this website.

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