How to Prepare Your Roof for Spring in Salem

Posted on Prepare Your Roof for Spring in Salem

As winter comes to a close, Salem roofers will become very busy with the spring rush. Make sure your roof is prepared for spring!

While Punxsutawney Phil recently predicted a long winter in 2017, it’s about time to think about preparing your roof for spring. Salem roofers tend to be inundated with frantic requests from home and business owners in the early spring months due to the rain coming in. If you follow these steps, you can either put off the need to hire a roofing company for a while, or be among the first customers to get on the books for the spring season. We can’t stress this enough, Salem roofers are very busy in spring and summer, so you want to get your job on the books as quickly as possible.

Take advantage of the nicer weather when it comes in. Go into your attic and check for any spots there might be moisture, light coming through the roof, or any mold/mildew growth. You will likely be able to smell any moisture problem you might have, so use all of your senses while you’re checking for any potential leaks in your attic.

Next, check on all of your downspouts from the ground. Are they all attached properly to your gutters above? Did you notice them leaking or failing to carry water away during any storms this weekend? These are all things you want to pay attention to. After that, you can carefully put a ladder up and take a closer look at your gutters. Ensure there’s not a bunch of debris clogging them, and even consider pouring a few water bottles into them to test that the water is correctly flowing to the downspouts. Look for any potential cracks or areas where the gutter is pulling away from the house, as these issues can lead to much bigger and costlier problems.

Finally, give your roof itself the full roofing inspection it deserves. Is there any moss or algae growth that should be cleaned up? Is the roof sagging anywhere? Be sure to check on the material itself, this includes: holes or tears in the material, rust if it’s a metal roof, lifting or curling, and severe discoloration. If you notice any of these signs, you should consider calling a top-rated Salem roofer to come inspect your roof and give you an estimate. As we mentioned earlier, Salem roofing companies book up really quickly in the spring and summer time, and if you take too long in contacting a contractor, you could be stuck dealing with the damage for a couple more months. Call us today at (503) 585-2338 for a free Salem roofing estimate. Any estimate from us comes without hassle or obligation, so what are you waiting for?

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