How To Remove Snow from a Roof Safely

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Roofing companies in Salem have been getting calls about roof snow removal. This is something some homeowners can do for themselves.

The Salem area doesn’t usually see a lot of snow, but this winter has sent a fairly decent amount of the fluffy white stuff our way. Many home and business owners are stuck questioning what to do about the snow on their roofs. Firstly, as we’ve mentioned before, it’s a great time to check if your roof is properly insulated. Now, you might be concerned that your roof will pull a Metrodome, but odds are, your roof will not collapse under the snow we have seen lately.


The Best and Safest Idea: Hire a Salem Roofing Company to Remove Snow from Your Roof

If you are still concerned about the amount of snow on your roof, you should call a Salem roofing company to come and safely remove the snow from your roof. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured each year in ladder-related incidents, and when you add snow and ice to the mix, you’re in a much more dangerous situation yet.

Do-it-Yourself Roof Snow Removal

If you insist on taking matters into your own hands, do as much of the work as you can from the ground. You should buy a long-handled snow rake from your local hardware store. Be careful as you rake the snow off of your roof, because you could end up damaging the roofing material underneath the snow if you’re too aggressive with your snow removal process. Be careful as you pull the snow down from your roof. You do not want to end up getting covered in snow. On that note, keep an eye out for icicles that have formed near your gutters. If these fall, they can severely injure you. If you need to get up on your roof, make sure you have snow cleats attached to your boots. These can help you gain traction and avoid a fall.

If you have a single-ply PVC roof, do not use a rake or snow cleats at all. Keep all sharp objects away from softer roofing materials like PVC that are more prone to puncture damage.

Be sure to tell a friend or family member that you will be removing snow from your roof, in case you get hurt. We highly recommend allowing a professional Salem roofing company to take the reins and clear the snow from your roof if you are concerned about it, but chances are, your roof will not collapse like the Metrodome did. At least not in Salem’s generally mild climate.

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